CRU Community Outreach Non-Profit

CRU Community Outreach Non-Profit

Relationships for Life

With every person I meet with one-to-one, I try to say “I would love to hear your story. Would you mind sharing it with me?”

CRU Non ProfitBefore I ever have the honor to be a friend, or a partner in community impact, I must first value the story of students, community members, and organizations. Built into every element of our community outreach is the core principle that every life, young and old, has a story that should be heard and valued. As we serve one another amidst the following programs, we should honor the goals and beliefs of each individual and invest in their lives without intent to violate their autonomy. This is how we respond to the challenges that can only be overcome when “a community serves to reach a CRU youtube videocommunity!” Matthew Marcum - CRU Campus Director

Watch our YouTube video to learn more CRU's Community Based Mentoring, Service, and Scholarships for low-income Families.

Would You Consider Becoming a Business Partner? 


Benefits to business partners/donors:

Visibility:  Matthew carries your business logo to every conversation, community presentation, lists them on their website, and prints them on a large banner.
Newsletters: we send out monthly updates on our outreach to keep donors informed of the impact they are making with us.
Education: Matthew visits donor workplaces for luncheons/workshops to educate staff on community needs and share with them opportunities to impact through their lives.
Credibility: We are partnered with Butler County United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and other non-profits to reach our communities with our combined efforts.
Tax Deduction: We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Job Placement: Students involved in or completing our mentoring program will be candidates for employment through co-ops, internships, or permanent placement with partnered small businesses and corporate partners. We want a great landing pad for students, and a great employee for our business partners!
Network access: Matthew has a strong and diverse network and persistently shares relationships when he can connect two credible parties for mutual benefit.

Main Goals/Initiatives of CRU

Mentoring: community adults will be equipped to build a mutually beneficial relationship with high school/college students to be a persistent shaping influence in their lives relationally, academically, professionally, and spiritually
Serving: Students, community adults, and partnered businesses will all be a part of reaching their communities, through our programs and other non-profit partnerships.
Connecting: Our scholarship network provides free or reduced access to the arts and other affirming programs for low-income students and families.

Meet Matthew Marcum

Matthew crop260Matthew and Ashley Marcum have seen the power of relational impact through every facet of their lives. Ashley has owned Flowing Grace School of Dance for 12 years and serves over a hundred students and their families, providing free access to low-income students to assure every life has an opportunity for growth. 

Matthew has been a hospice nurse for 15 years and has always been passionate about advocating in the community as a nurse and a mentor. Every outreach initiative his family are building came from needs persistently spoken from the stories of students and families, revealing their greatest needs.

Matthew has built partnerships with non-profits, academic resources, small businesses, and recruited community adult volunteers to assure the maximum impact for students and families. Once they reach 100% funding, they will begin training mentors, who will then become the defining relationship for success in the life of a student. This will be a powerful story for both the student and the mentor.

donate Please prayerfully consider becoming involved with CRU, as a volunteer or financial contributor.

We invite you to contact Matthew Marcum personally to learn more about CRU Community Outreach.
Our Website:
Call Matthew:  513-255-2325
Email Matthew:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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